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Hey Everybody! 

I have been quite lacking in blogging lately, forgive me.  School has been both a nightmare and an absolute joy. Thank goodness the quarter is almost over.
This past Sunday I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the 5K Color Run race in Seattle with two of my good friends Danielle and Rachel. The Color Run was a blast. It was so much fun that I’d love to do it again next year. If you ever get the opportunity to participate in one, do it. Don’t think twice about it, just do it. You don’t have to be a runner; many of the people participating were not running at all. The Color Run is all about becoming colorful. Participants start the race wearing a clean white shirt, and at every kilometer throughout the run, there is a “color station.” At the stations, volunteers immerse participants in colors. So by the end of the run, people look like rainbows or at least funny looking clowns. At the end of the run, there is a color throw every 15min where people toss color in the air.
So when life hands you color, run with it! I hope all is well in your world, and that you have a color and wonder filled week. Until next time!