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This past Sunday, I had the most amazing opportunity to be able to go to another concert with my best friend, Alena in Portland, Oregon. This concert had Alex Goot as the title show and it featured other artists including Sam Tsui, Kurt Hugo Schneider, King The Kid, Luke Conard, and Landon Austin.

Alena and I had met Luke Conard and Landon Austin previously at a small fair in Seattle. We were both unsure if they would recognize us at first but once we saw them, they remembered us right away. I had a VIP pass to the show, so I was able to come an hour before the doors opened and listen to a private acoustic performance of Alex Goot and Luke Conard. Then I was able to meet and talk with Alex Goot, as well as take a Polaroid picture with him and get an autographed poster. Alex Goot was a fun, easygoing guy to talk with. In a live stream, he mentioned he loves the Nutella & go breadsticks, so I made sure to bring him a couple. After about an hour, the show started. My best friend and I were able to get a spot right in the very front.

The show opened with a local band, consisting of four members, from Mt.Hood, Oregon called The Toy Gun Conspiracy.

After that, King The Kid went on stage. The band consists of three members, Ricky Ficarelli, David Michael Frank, and Jose Mostajo. These guys were amazing on stage. Ricky killed it on the drums! After the show we were able to just talk with each of them individually. They are hilarious, outgoing guys both on and off stage. All three of them were so brilliant.

Next up we had Luke Conard and Landon Austin. Both of them were just amazing and talented. Luke sang a song from his new album titled Summer Love as well as some of his older singles. Landon sang a couple of his singles including Once In A Lifetime, Stop Time, and his cover of Here Comes The Sun. Then they ended with their duet of Superhero. Their voices are so amazing and unique. They did a Vlog on stage where the whole audience was able to be a part of it. After the show, we were able to catch up with them and get a reunion picture. They are so much fun to talk to because they are easy going and down to earth. Talking with them is just like talking with some of your best friends. I definitely look forward to seeing them perform again.

Then Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui entered the stage. I’ve listened and watched many of their videos but hearing them live on stage was just speechless. This was Sam Tsui’s first tour and he just blew the stage away. The crowd went wild during their performance. They hit it off with the crowd with their energy and charisma on stage. Some people are meant for certain things, and the stage is definitely where Sam and Kurt belong. Sam’s voice is so gifted and exceptional. There are no words to describe how amazing Kurt plays with every instrument. They ended their performance with an acoustic version of “Don’t Want An Ending.” This performance felt like such an intimate moment with them, where you really did not want them to stop playing.

Finally, after a long time of waiting and waiting, Alex Goot and his band made an appearance. He is the highlight of the tour since it is in his name. Before the concert, I listened to a couple of his old albums and singles. On stage, he played many of his originals from his album In The Atmosphere. Hearing and seeing Alex perform live is nothing compared to his videos. My favorite songs that he played were Sensitivity and Secret Girl. So check those out if you get the time. And he also performed an amazing rendition of A Thousand Miles originally by Vanessa Carlton. All of his songs are so beautiful and well written.

I sure hope they all come again next year because I would definitely go again. It was definitely a day to remember. ❤

Landon Austin & Luke Conard


Alex Goot


King The Kid (Jose Mostajo, David Michael Frank, and Ricky Ficarelli)


Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui