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Over the summer, on my dad’s birthday, our family went to the beach. Since we were going to be staying there for the weekend and there is only so much one can do at the beach, my sister decided to find a recipe to make large bubbles. After reading through many recipes, she came across one that she really wanted to try. So once we arrived at the beach, I mixed the ingredients together and tested them out. First time worked like a charm! The bubbles kept me entertained for hours. Almost everyone who came for my dad’s birthday tested them out, including my dad.
I got the recipe from www.BubbleArtist.com

The ingredients were:
1.5 gallons hot water
1 tube= 4.25 ozs surgilube
¼ cup Glycerine (99.5% pure or better)
Stir & then add:
16 oz Dawn Non-Ultra
½ cup Dawn Manual Pot & Pan Detergent

Have you every tried making homemade big bubbles? How did they turn out?