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When most people think of Seattle and coffee, the first thing that comes to mind is usually Starbucks.  You can get Starbucks anywhere, and Seattle has a huge variety of other coffee shops.  If you are visiting Seattle and you want a brief taste of our wonderful coffee culture, Roy Street Coffee & Tea would my top pick.
I could spend all day here studying and I really recommend it to students who want to get off-campus. And with the various beverages and treats they offer here, I don’t ever really feel the need to leave. This place is extremely comfortable and spacious. They have plenty of tables with an assortment of different styles varying form small round table, tall tables, or large antique-style wood tables. There is also a large bar area where you can enjoy espresso or cappuccino. They do really cute designs on their coffees or hot chocolates. The bathrooms are also amazing here! They are regulated and clean. They have a small free parking garage reserved for Roy Street Coffee & Tea customers. Overall, the atmosphere is really calming and soothing. It’s like a better, bigger version of Starbucks. (:


What’s your favorite Cafe and why?

 Vanilla Latte