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Un-Cover Up

I have been dying to try RMS Beauty products for a while now and am extremely inspired by the namesake of the line, celebrity make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift. Rose-Marie is actually living proof of the dangers of chemicals in cosmetics, and after pinpointing this as the cause of a series of health issues and illnesses, she went on the create her own line of natural cosmetics, RMS Beauty.

One of my friends gave me three RMS Beauty products as a gift for my birthday 3 months ago. She gave me, cream eye shadow in Seduce, living luminizer, and  “un” cover-up in 22. I love the packaging of their products. It comes in a little glass pot. But these little glass pots go a long way because they are very pigmented, so you only need to use a little bit.

The “un” cover-up is formulated to reveal and enhance healthier looking skin and not just cover it up. It can be used as a foundation or light concealer. Because it has coconut oil as an ingredient, it melts into the skin while covering imperfections and redness. The coconut oil helps moisturize and reveal your healthy, looking skin. There are 5 colors in the un-cover up (00, 11, 22, 33, and 44 being the darkest). I choose 22 because this shade is recommended for light-medium skin tones, which is most suitable for me. I spread this product onto any blemishes and discoloration I had with clean fingers. This product stays on a rather long time, even without setting, but also touches up very well. It is incredibly lightweight and pretty much undetectable on the skin. However, if you need heavy, full coverage concealer or have oily skin, it’s not a product I’d recommend to you because the first ingredient is coconut oil. I can’t really believe it has taken me this long to try RMS, but now that I have, I am a total convert!
Let me know if you want to see a review of the living luminizer and cream eye shadow! I’d be happy to do it. (:


Me wearing the Un-Cover Up in 22 & mascara (CoverGirl Clump Crusher)