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            I have been using Morrocco Method products since October 2013 (You can read my review of their shampoos and conditioners) and last week I tested out Morrocco Method henna. It is now time that I share with you my experience with the henna.
Henna is made from the powdered leaves of Lawsonia, a desert shrub which contains hannatannic acids. By using different concentrations and parts of the plant, such as roots, stalks, flowers, and the stem or the leaves, the creative minds behind Morroccco Method henna are able to derive varying potencies. The most important part is that henna is 100 percent natural, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Morocco Method offers lighter shades as well — even blonde!
I tested out the Dark brown henna and I am extremely happy with my results. The website states that it takes about 2-3 applications of the henna to get your desired result and that you should wait about 72 hours between each application. I did 2 applications of the henna for a deeper color and I am pleased with the results.

Here is how you prepare the henna:

  1. Gather your materials: shower cap and/or plastic wrap, non-metal mixing bowl, unfiltered apple cider vinegar for the darker shades or half a lemon for the lighter shades (MM Henna also uses a catalyst that is easily controllable. When mixing the henna you must mix with Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon in order to active the dye within the powder. This is why you have to wait before applying the mixture to your hair and scalp), black tea bag for darker shades or chamomile tea for the lighter shades, wooden stick, rubber gloves, Morrocco Method Euro Oil (optional but recommended), and finally the Morrocco Method Henna. (I used the dark brown)
  2. Boil two cups of water. Add the tea and let it sit for about 15 minutes until it is warm enough to touch before mixing it into your MM henna.
  3. Spoon MM henna into your bowl and gradually add the tea water, constantly stirring until it has the consistency of body lotion. Make sure it is not too liquidly or else it will just drip down your face.
    1. How much henna to use:
      Fine/Short hair: 4 Tbsp
      Fine/Shoulder length: 6 Tbsp
      Thick/shoulder length: 8 Tbsp
      Long or very thick hair: 10-12 Tbsp
    2. I have very thin hair that goes just a little past my shoulders, and I used 8 Tbsp just to be safe. Too much is better than too little and I ended up using all of it.
  4. Add the ACV or lemon. Remember not add too much and let the mixture get too liquidy.
  5. Add a teaspoon of the MM Euro oil to the mixture to make your rinse easier.
    1. Just remember to plan wisely as the mixture must sit for 6-10 hours (room temperature) before applying. This allows the henna dye to form and release. Also, your hair should be reasonably clean and completely dry.
  6. When time is up, slip on your old t-shirt or put a towel and cover your neck because it can get a little messy.
  7. I divide my hair in three sections. I like to use a small paintbrush and start by applying the henna along the hairline and the back of my hair along my neck. Massage the rest of the henna throughout the rest of your hair and cover the roots. At the end, pile the rest of the henna on top of your head.
  8. Cover your hair with the shower cap or plastic wrap. Leave it in for 2-4 hours. The longer you leave the henna, the more intense your final shade will be. In both of my applications, I mixed the henna in the morning and applied the mixture late at night and left it on until morning. Both times, I left the henna in for about 7-8 hours. I mainly let it sit overnight because I was looking to dye my hair an intense dark brown color. My natural hair color is a medium brown color.
  9. Unwrap and rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water but DO NOT shampoo because the MM henna must set for a required minimum of 24 hours.

My thoughts:

Before I applied the henna, I watched every video from the MM website twice on applying henna and read everything thoroughly to make sure I do it correctly. I did not want to mess up or make a mistake, haha. Their website offers a lot of helpful tips and instructions on henna. I suggest reading every single one of them and watching the videos because it has definitely helped me. One of my friends tried the blonde henna and accidentally made the mixture too liquidy at first. But she learned from her mistake and made the second mixture perfectly.
After the first application, my hair was slightly darker but not as dark as I desired. A few people noticed the change in color but not many. I showered for about 25 minutes just to rinse out the henna and make sure I don’t have any left. I waited 72 hours before I started the second application. After the second application I was very pleased with the results that I do not think I will be doing a third application. My hair is now a rich dark brown color and is ready to enjoy the spring/summer seasons! (:
After my second application, I got a lot of compliments on my hair. My eyebrows are naturally jet-black, so my hair color matches my eyebrow color better now. Because henna coats the hair, my hair also feels a lot thicker than before and I love it! Some of my friends commented how my hair looks thicker and shinier. After about 7 months of using MM products, my hair has definitely become thicker and longer. I used to think my hair grows very slowly until I look back at pictures from October and November and see the difference for myself.
The henna is supposed to last 8-12 weeks. One jar of the henna lasted me exactly two applications. Depending on your hair length and thickness, one jar might last for 1-3 applications. Once it begins to fade, I will be continuing to use the dark brown henna and maybe be a little adventurous and a few parts of the black henna (:


If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.
Have you ever tried any of the hennas from Morrocco Method or any other product from Morrocco Method? Share your thoughts in the comments section!