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Hey Everybody, I thought I would try something new for my blog. At the end of each month, I am going to do monthly favorites! From makeup, hair, skin and music- I’ve got you covered! So these are my April Favorites (:

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Morrocco Method Intl. Shampoos
They suggest rotating all five of the MM shampoos each time you wash your hair for the best results, which is what I do. If I had to choose a favorite out of the 5, it would probably be the Pine Shale. The Pine Shale seems to work the best on my hair where I notice a difference every time I wash my hair. It is also my favorite smelling shampoo out of the other four.
HerStyler Hair Serum with Argan Oil and Aloe Vera
I absolutely LOVE this serum. This serum can be used on either dry or wet hair and it eliminates frizz. I like to put it on damp hair. I also use it as a heat protectant and put it on right before I use a heat styling tool. It makes my hair smooth, shiny, and controllable. This serum is also non-greasy, which is fantastic.
Ingredients: Argan Oil, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicond, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera Extract. These are all natural ingredients, which is even more fantastic!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
I use Coconut Oil for practically anything, but I mainly use it as a makeup remover and as a moisturizer before I put on makeup. I did more detailed blog review on coconut oil a few months ago. (You can read it here)

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
My love of matte lipsticks means I really need to exfoliate. This lip scrub certainly does the trick and it smells and tastes yummy as well. You really don’t need to buy this product, as it is super easy to make. There are literally hundreds of DIY’s online, so have a browse if you’re on a budget or can’t get your hands on a scrub. It is made from castor sugar, cold pressed organic jojoba oil and flavoring. You put a bit on your finger and simply scrub your lips until you are satisfied. It’s so natural you can lick it off or rinse it off. Afterwards I would recommend applying a lip balm or your favorite lip product when you are done. It’s good enough to use every day and never gives your lips a raw feeling.
Lash Domination 10-In-1 Volumizing Mascara
I just purchased this mascara about 2 weeks ago because my other mascara ran out. This is brand new mascara from Bare Minerals. I heard a lot of good reviews about it, so I decided to try it out for myself. Let me just say, I am in LOVE. I have short, black, and thin eyelashes. This mascara made my lashes curl, thick, and look like I had a ton of volume!
RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up in 22
I don’t like to put too much makeup on my face, however, two beauty products I cannot leave the house without is mascara and a light concealer to hide whatever acne I may have. This un-cover does just that; it can be used as a foundation or light concealer. Because it has coconut oil as an ingredient, it melts into the skin while covering imperfections and redness. I also did a review of this product not too long ago. (You can read it here)

Tasty Things
Yogi Green Tea Kombucha
Kombucha is designed to support your immune system and provide antioxidants. Spearmint naturally supports digestion, and Lemongrass and Plum flavor combine to create a smooth, fragrant blend with a light, fruity flavor. I honestly love any and all teas, but I also love trying new types of tea. My favorite types of teas are the fruity, sweet ones. This tea has a light fruity flavor but it is delicious!
Let me know what your favorite type of tea is. I will most likely buy it and try it for myself and let you know what I think of it! (:

TV Show
Chicago Fire
This show follows the lives of the firefighters and paramedics working at the Chicago Fire Department at the firehouse of Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61 and Battalion 25. I love this show because it has a bit of action as well as a little bit of humor. My brother-in-law is a firefighter and said that for the most part, this show is pretty realistic. Chicago Fire also has some good-looking firefighters, if I must say (:

Armor by Landon Austin
Landon Austin is a youtuber and he just came out with a brand new single earlier this month and it is amazing. It is a good song to listen to whether you’re studying, eating, or just driving in the car.
Nothin’ Like You by Dan + Shay
I absolutely LOVE country music and this is my current favorite song from Dan + Shay’s new album, Where It All Began. This song is fun to listen to anytime, literally. It is upbeat and really catchy (:


This was my first monthly favorites blog, so let me know how you liked it (:
Have you ever tried, seen, or heard any of the products mentioned? Let me know if you want me to try any specific products. Share your thoughts in the comments section!
If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.