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Yesterday morning was the most colorful of mornings, here in Seattle. Thousands of people participated in the 5K Color Run, an un-timed race with a colorful twist, benefiting multiple charities through donations. This is my second year being a part of the color run, you can read about my experience and see pictures from last year (here). This year I ran it with one of my really good friends, Danielle. I ran the color run with her last year as well. The principle is simple; take part in a collective run throughout the Seattle City wearing a white shirt. At the end in the Seattle Center, you get doused with colored powder every 10 minutes, while dancing and having fun among other participants. The weather was in the low 70’s in Seattle, which was actually perfect. It was sunny but not too hot. Danielle and I got lucky this year by being the very first people at the start line, which was a great experience. We definitely got a lot more color this year compared to last year. Overall, I loved it and we are absolutely doing it again next year especially because it will be our senior year. We are also hoping to get a group of friends to join us next year and make a team.

I hope you have a color and wonder filled week. Until next time! For more on the Color Run, now host to over 170 events in over 30 countries, you can visit thecolorrun.com.


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Color Run – Seattle 2014