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I only have one month left before I embark on my biggest adventure yet. In exactly one month, I will be flying out to Europe!
I will be starting my adventures in California. I used to live in California before I moved to Washington in 2003. Every summer for the past 11 years, I have been back to California to visit my relatives and friends. I will be leaving to California on July 10th and will be visiting relatives in the Bay Area, (San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland…) Santa Cruz, as well as going on a few mini vacations with my cousin to places around the area.
Then on July 22nd, I will be departing from California to Ukraine. I will be traveling with my oldest sister and her husband. I was born in Kiev, which is the capital of Ukraine. I moved to the United States when I was 2 and I have never been back since.  So this is my first time being back since I was born and I am so thrilled! For the first week in Ukraine, we will be at a youth camp doing some missionary and being a part of the camp staff. After the camp, we will be visiting some big cities in Ukraine, mainly on the western side and near the capital.
Then on August 22nd, we will be taking a flight to Germany where we will begin our backpacking Europe adventures until we return back to California on September 18th.
During the next 3 months this blog will mostly be where I solve packing dilemmas, blurt out my travel secrets, rant about traveler injustices and share where the road takes me in hopes that it might take you there too.

If you want to see more of what I’m up to in Europe follow me on Twitter and Instagram, because over there I’ll probably be able to share pictures and updates more often while I’m in Europe.