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Well folks, the day has arrived! I find myself in a confused state of emotions. People keep asking me whether or not I am nervous, excited, happy, scared, etc. I cannot say that I feel any of these particular emotions right now. I have a theory that this is because I’m killing time as I wait to head to the airport. I believe that once I am dropped off there, I will begin to experience all of previously stated emotions. For now, I express a calm appearance, or as one might put, the quiet before the final plunge.
We have arrived in Munich, Germany airport after a 12 hour-long flight. I had minimal sleep on the plane because I get excited every time I fly and due to my inability to find a comfortable sleeping position. Alex (brother-in-law) and Juliana (cousin) sat on either side of me and Juliana occasionally slept upon my shoulder. Diana (oldest sister) was able to sleep the most out of us. The plane offered complimentary drinks and two meals. The meals of course were your stereotypical types that one hears about from fellow friends and family members but they were still pretty good. There were about 30 movie options offered to view and some of the movies were fairly new too, such as Divergent. We made it through security and are now waiting to board our connecting plane to Kiev, Ukraine.
I am surprisingly not as tired as I thought I might be. Perhaps the excitement is finally hitting me and giving me adrenaline to stay awake. I’m debating whether or not to get something to eat, or to simply endure the plane food on the next flight.
As we fly through Ukraine, I had my moment.



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