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We woke up early this morning because we have a busy day scheduled. Kyiv life so far is busy and is an old city amidst a modernizing society. This morning we will be preparing to depart on a train to Shepetivka (a town located on the Huska River in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast of Western Ukraine).
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We will be there for about 10 days for a missionary trip for teenagers (ages 13-18). This will be my first destination missionary trip and I am super excited to serve the kids. Since the camp is located in the forest with no Wi-Fi, I will not be able to post daily. I will also not be bringing my laptop or any electronics there, as it will be better to focus on the kids more that way. I will be recording my adventures the old fashioned way on a journal (:
After the camp, we will be arriving back to Kyiv, so I will post a recap of the camp then.
Wish me luck!