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It was definitely difficult waking up this morning. We headed downstairs to eat breakfast before our day begins. After breakfast, we got our energy for the day and the four of us headed to the circus!

I have never been to a real circus, so I was stoked. We got 6th row seats right in front of the stage, so it was perfect. The circus opened with a couple dancers and two clowns that introduced all the acts. It was a great opening that got me stoked for what was to come. The performance began with a pony show succeeding with chimpanzees doing some tricks, the aerialists, bear enactments, and the first half ending with dancers. We had a 20-minute interlude to walk around and buy souvenirs if one wanted to.

During the interlude, it started raining outside. First rain I’ve seen while in Ukraine. It was a nice little drizzle especially with the hot weather outside. Warm summer rain (:

When we got back inside, we saw cages set up around the stage of the circus. The second half began with a tiger and lion performance. The animals did some pretty neat tricks but honestly I felt as though they were being tortured. Two of the lions were not listening and almost started attacking the tigers. I felt bad for all of them. Luckily, my mood went up with an acrobat performance. It was by far one of my favorites so far. A duo flame came up next and their performance was astonishing. They created a story with their dance and their song joined in on the dance halfway through. It was cute and remarkable. This couple also appeared on Ukraine’s Got Talent, I would not be surprised. The circus ended with all the performers dancing altogether and giving their thanks for everyone that was able to come. Overall, my first experience at the circus was amazing. I loved most of the performances and I have one other thing to cross off my bucket list (:

acrobats circus

After we got back from the circus, we headed to the Black Sea. The sea was super warm in the evening compared to the mornings. Juliana and I swam for about an hour and then walked along the beach. She bought a couple of souvenirs before we headed back to the house.

Our evening ended with another trip to downtown. Alex and Diana were doing a photo session for Roma (my stepmom’s nephew) and his wife with their 4-month-old son. It was fun seeing all the buildings light up and what downtown Odessa was like in the evenings, since yesterday we left before it got dark.

After the photo session, all of us headed back home for our last dinner in Odessa. Tonight was the final night here.