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A 12-hour train ride later at 7:00, we arrived in Lviv.

A pastor from a local church we were going to stay at was kind enough to pick us up. We dropped off our stuff in one of the bedrooms in the church and then he gave us a mini tour of the city before we went off on our own. Since the city center in Lviv is small and easy to get around, Juliana and I departed on our own.

The narrow alleys were lined with street vendors, food, and various shops. The pathways were cobblestone and eventually led us to the central square of the city of Lviv called Rynok Square (Площа Ринок). We came across many stray cats and dogs, all of which were friendly. The sun rose high in the sky and caused us to break into a sweat as we continued to walk around. The city was crowded with tourists, as well as a couple of wedding parties! There were tons of cafe’s located on every block, interesting museums, restaurants and souvenir shops. There was always someone trying their hand at playing the public piano in the square, often accompanied by a budding violinist or drummers and lots of people gather to watch in the evenings. Juliana even found one open opportunity to play the piano. The entire cafe’s have outdoor seating areas and provide thick blankets so you can sit outdoors in comfort, which was quite romantic.

In the early evening, Juliana and I met up with Alex and Diana for dinner at a secret restaurant called Kryivka located in the Rynok Square. Kryivka is devoted to the Ukrainian insurgent army called UPA during World War II. The entrance isn’t easy to see. In fact, the word “kryivka” means “secret place” in Ukrainian. In order to enter into this restaurant, it requires a secret password. After you enter but before you can join the other rebels underground, the doorman will offer you a shot of honey vodka. The menu had a lot of options and easy to understand because it had English descriptions underneath each item which made it easier to understand exactly what I was ordering. I ordered some chicken coated in beer batter, which came with fries and some sort of sauce that was super delicious!

After a long morning, afternoon, and evening, the four of us headed back to our room. So far, Lviv is probably the most beautiful place; the architecture, atmosphere, café’s, and the people were all unique and outstanding!


Opera House Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater.

View from the very top of the Clock Tower located in the City Hall of Rynok Square

Another view from the clock tower

North side view from the clock tower

A Chocolate restaurant with a cafe located on the roof!

One of many beautiful cathedrals in Lviv

Juliana and I near Rynok Square


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