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            The morning greeted us with warm weather, sunshine, and clear skies. The exact opposite of when we arrived to this city in the evening.

Dubno (Ду́бно) is a city located on the Ikva River in the Rivne Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. Galina, a distant relative of Juliana’s, picked us up from the hotel to have breakfast at her house. After our delicious warm breakfast we visited the Dubno Castle. This is one of the oldest castles in Ukraine that was built in 1492. For many centuries, the castle have been destroyed and rebuilt, which can be seen very well. But it was never captured.

In 1705, hetman Ivan Mazepa arrived at the Dubno Castle. In the inner yard there are two two-level palaces. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk in the dungeon. Previously, a huge amount of supplies was stored here. Tunnels in the old days were leading to different parts of the city. Maybe they still exist :O

The Dubno Castle

After we toured around the castle, Galina took the four of us to a small café. We drove by my Grandma’s old house, Juliana’s old house, and stopped by to say hello to some old neighbors.
The Five of us at the Cafe (:

Some beautiful church in Dubno

This was all carved out of a tree!

A guy starting on a new tree project

We arrived back at Galina’s house and her husband then took the four of us to the Tarakanovskiy fort. The fort was a little hard to find at first because it was meant to be a secret area. Once we found it though, I was in awe! Everything was so beautiful and unbelievable. Along the perimeter of the fort there were so-called safe casemates, which could accommodate up to 800 people. The net of underground passages arranged with loopholes for bombardment under Tarakanovskiy fort is impressive.

Tarakanovskiy Fort

Me inside a very long underground tunnel

Beautiful sunset picture at Dubno captured by Alex

The smell of shish kabobs greeted us when we got back to the house. There was a lovely picnic set up in their backyard with a whole thanksgiving feast prepared. The feast and bonding with the family and neighbors made it that much harder to leave Dubno. But, the four of us quickly packed up our things again as we embark on our last train ride back to Kyiv. Our entire night was spent on a train going back to Kyiv.

Hammock in their backyard, I almost fell asleep in it because it was so comfy (: