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After a restless night tossing and turning, the train pulled up into the station and we exited with a sigh of relief.
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Galina (from Kyiv) happily greeted us at the station. Together, we headed back to her place to drop off our stuff and get ready for another picnic. The picnic was a get together mainly with Galina’s sister, brothers and their families. We enjoyed our picnic in a cute little area in the forest near Galina’s oldest brothers house, Serge. We played a couple games of badminton and volleyball while the brothers were grilling some shish kabobs (:
I definitely do not mind two picnics with shish kabobs twice in a row. Everything was delectable as always.

Almost all of us headed back to Serge’s house for tea and dessert. We stayed there for a bit before we headed back to Galina’s house to rest.

What a good way to end the day!