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Rising early this morning was difficult after the previous late night.

The four of us got up pretty early this morning to visit a church. Joining us was Galina and her younger brother. I really enjoyed the service, and next time I’m going to be in Kyiv, I definitely want to return to this church. It was a very modern day Ukrainian church compared to the traditional services we attended in the other cities. The worship and the pastor’s sermon reminded me a lot of the church I attend back in Seattle.
The church we visited

Following the service, all of us walked back to Galina’s house where we had a lovely lunch already prepared. A couple of us took a nap before we went to the downtown square. Diana and Alex met up with some friends while Galina, Juliana, and I went in our own direction. Galina showed us around a couple parks, churches, and schools.
Sitting on a teacup bench (:

IMG_9200Juliana and I with some grandma statue

Standing near a statue near the Opera House in Kyiv

Side view of the Opera House

IMG_9183Ukrainian National Opera House in Kiev

After strolling around for hours and taking hundreds of pictures, we met up again with Diana and Alex to go back home. As soon as we got home, I literally just crashed on the bed from exhaustion.

Good night, good afternoon, and good morning depending on where you are in the world. Until tomorrow (: