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Woke up this morning with the time saying 10am! It took me a few minutes to realize this was one of the first days in a long time Juliana and I were able to sleep in. It felt so good to not have anything planned in the morning and just wake up whenever.

            Juliana and I calmly started getting ready for the day with no rush. The afternoon came by so quickly, especially since we slept in. Next thing we know, Galina took Juliana and I off on another adventure. The three of us took the metro to downtown. Four stories high, lots of designer stores, small and large fountains on every floor, and even a small aquarium with fish; the three of us headed to the “Ocean Mall” in Kyiv. After walking into almost every store, we met up with Diana and Alex at the mall and then the five of us headed to the FRIENDS café.
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            Pictures of the Friends cast on every wall, shelf, and table, random episodes of Friends constantly playing on the huge TV, scenic pictures of New York City on the walls, vintage couches and chairs, and the environment, all made me feel as though I was really a part of the Friends show. The menu consisted of typical food one might find at most café’s, but it was still delicious. I ordered a sandwich with an iced latte and I loved it!

            We stayed at the café for a while before Alex, Diana, and I went off on our own. The three of us headed to one of my mom’s best friends in Kyiv. Apparently, she really wanted to see me since the last she saw me I was two years old. The lady is really sweet; we had tea at her place and talked about anything and everything. Next thing we know, it was pitch black outside and we left her place and headed back to Galina’s house for the night.