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As I work my way through all the memories of my summer in Europe in 2014 (of which there are MANY!) I want to take an interlude to reflect on some of my other travels, including those I have coming up this year!

First, here is a map of all the states I’ve been to so far:


I still have a lot of states to cross off! I obviously get very excited about my international travel, including one I have planned for this summer, but I think it’s important to travel my home country so I can know at least a little about every state! It’s crazy to think about how much I know about certain states, Wyoming for instance, all thanks to state projects in 5th grade, yet I’ve never even step foot there!

I want to make it a goal to see at least one new state every year until I’ve seen all 50! (At that rate, I’ll have seen all 50 by the time I’m 65. Hopefully it’ll be ever sooner!)

Also, random fact about me; I LOVE to collect Postcards. I have been collecting postcards since I was 12. No matter what new country or state I go to, I have to buy a postcard from there. I put all my postcards in a nice photo album and look back at them every once in a while. Postcards are easy to travel with and not to mention, very cheap souvenirs. 
I consider myself a minimalist in a lot of things (:


Any recommendations for states I should take a look at first?
P.S. Something you should also know about me, even though I live in Washington, I LOVE the heat. I get cold very easily.