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I’m not usually one for planning spontaneous trips, but this one was definitely one of the books.


It all started a few months before summer of 2016. I was planning to go to Ukraine again when one of my younger cousins Juliana let me know that she won’t be able to make it that summer. She was my travel buddy for 2 years in a row. I then resorted to call one of my older cousins Julie, whom I am really close with to try and convince her come. After a few weeks of careful thinking, she said she’ll go on the condition that the both of us to travel somewhere after the kids camp in Ukraine. After researching various countries, we settled on Greece because the tickets were only $60 from Ukraine!
When booking a flight from Greece back to America, we got a great deal on tickets with a 2 day layover in Zurich, Switzerland.

I was so excited to both travel with one of my favorite cousins, as well as explore two more countries in Europe that I have not been to before.

Here are a few pictures from our travels: