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Hey, I just met you…
Exactly 7 months ago today on a long, dark night in Seattle, Washington during rush hour traffic, a smart, nerdy, funny guy caught my eye.


It all started with a trip to a church retreat with young adults ages 22-35. Prior to the retreat, I was asked to be a group leader by one of the church staff members. The retreat location was about a 45 minute drive from Seattle, however, in rush hour traffic, it could take up to 2 hours. For carpooling, the church grouped people together by the location they were coming from and I was placed in a car with 3 other people. One of those people, was a guy named Ace ( not his actual name).

Ace was the last person on our route to pick up. By this point, the three of us in the car had been in traffic for an hour already. Ace and I sat in the back of the car. It hadn’t even been 15 minutes since picking up Ace that we came to a sudden stop and a soft, yoga mat that was on the shelf behind the rear seats fell forward hitting the both of us. Imagine getting assaulted by a cloud, a similar feeling to a yoga mat rolling on to you. That obviously didn’t stop Ace from putting his arm around my shoulders to “prevent the yoga mat from falling forward in case we came to another sudden stop.” I FELT the eye rolls from the people up front. I closed my eyes so he wouldn’t see them rolling.

Two and half hours later in a trip that should take less than an hour with no traffic, we have finally arrived at the destination. Once we arrived, I received a list of all the people in my group and much to my surprise, Ace was placed in my group.

During the 3 day retreat, I got to know Ace in a church group setting. I watched him strike up conversations with strangers, keep conversations flowing, talk about God and his experiences during bible studies, and have fun when playing board games. At this time, I did not assume anything as far a romantic relationship would happen. I had only pictured a good friendship with this person.
(I made an assumption with a person long ago and through that experience, I’ve learned to be forward with people as well as expect people to be forward with me.)
Because I was a group leader, everyone in my group had access to my phone number in case they needed to reach out to me about anything.
During the last day of the retreat, I invited everyone to a weekly board game night I attend with other people from church as a way to keep in touch. Ace right away took me up on that invitation.

The next two weeks following the retreat, Ace had been joining me to board game night. At the end of the second game night, when I dropped Ace off back home, he officially asked me out to go on a date with him.

I accepted his invitation.




And so begins Chapter 1….