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Ace and I met at Pike Place Market. I knew nothing, he knew everything. He grabbed my hand and led me through the busy market place. People and shops passed by in a blur. He continued to hold my hand.


We stopped by in front of a fancy Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Seattle. From there we walked to the the monorail to the Pacific Science Center. Surprisingly for living in Seattle for a little over 6 years, I have never been on the monorail, so that was a really fun experience. At the Pacific Science Center, we watch Beauty & The Beast in IMAX.
This was our first date – dinner and movie kind of date. The movie is not important. In the darkness of the theater, I felt his lips on the back of my hand. Once and twice.

Once the movie was over, outside we passed by the Space Needle and I felt the distance between us start to close. So tempting. I shook my head and said, “not on the first date.” He pulled back and smiled, “I respect that,” he said.

I drove him back to his house. I parked the car on the side of the street. He turned to me and told me to wait. He got out and walked to his house. I waited and waited. The fog, the darkness, the cold, the loneliness, and him. There he was standing outside by my car window, holding a box. It was the first board game we played at the retreat the Spring we fell in love.